The Story of Active Outcomes

Active Outcomes started with an idea. The same is true of most organisations, but this idea wasn’t exactly my own. I had left my job as a Policy Officer in local government and was considering what I really wanted to do after moving back up north to the beautiful city of York. One of my former work colleagues suggested that I look into training as a proofreader and copy editor as she thought I would be really good at it.

This seed lay dormant for a while as self-employment was not a career option I had considered. I had studied English Literature and Politics at the University of York, followed by a Masters in Public Administration and Public Policy, it had never occurred to me that the world of business and self-employment was a niche I could comfortably fit into.

I struggled to find any opportunities that I really wanted to take advantage of. Job specifications weren’t a good fit, I felt they would not challenge me, or that I would not have a chance to use and further develop the skill set I had already spent years building up.

There was no perfect fit available for me and so I decided to go my own way. Offering a service which used my skills as a writer, researcher, communicator, pedant, manager and analyst. One which might be useful for other small businesses and organisations that may lack that specific strategic skill set that I possess.

Being a solopreneur is challenging. You have to wear a lot of different hats and be flexible and adaptable to rapidly changing circumstances. Having the right skills in place can make all the difference, even if only for a few hours, and that is where I come in. I can offer a fresh pair of eyes and a brand new perspective and find it rewarding to help others see past the problem to find the perfect solution.

For me, no two days are ever the same. I get to work with a huge variety of clients from various backgrounds and sectors. All of whom present me with interesting projects to get stuck into doing the type of work I love, writing, researching, planning and managing projects and performance. Working for myself gives me a chance to indulge my creative side, except for when I’m doing my accounts, of course.

If you want to know anything else about my past experience check out the About Us section of my website, my LinkedIn profile or feel free to get in touch – I’d love to chat.

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